Diamond Certificates

Diamond certificates from separate organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offer a diamond grading report, which gives you valuable information regarding the 4 C’s that were taken into consideration when the diamond has been priced. It’s important that you use an outside source for diamond certificates, rather than the jeweler who’s selling the diamond you’re interested in, because the jeweler would like to make money on the sale of these diamonds, the certifications may be somewhat biased and you could be paying more than the market value of this diamond.

Reasons to possess Diamond Certificates

When you go to a jewelry store, or consider making a purchase from an online merchant, the jewellery which has diamond certificates will sell for a few hundred dollars more than diamonds which are rated the exact same which are without certificates. This is because the jeweler admits that they typically grade their diamonds level better than an independent grading organization, like the Gemological Institute of America.

Diamonds are valued according to their quality according to a grading system that uses the four C’s. You should get diamond certificates (also called grading reports) from independent companies instead of a jeweler, to insure your getting an unbiased coverage of the value of this diamond. Otherwise, you could be paying more for your diamond than that which the diamond is actually worth.

Protecting Your Investment

Diamonds are not the exact same sort of investment as purchasing stocks and bonds but using diamond certificates offers you a greater investment than simply having the gemstone. Diamond certificates make it a lot easier to sell a diamond at the future, since you have documentation of how much the diamond is worth and why it was valued that amount. In fact, if you attempt to sell diamonds without having diamond certificates, most traders won’t buy from you and you would wind up having a certificate drawn up anyway, so you can as well have a certificate grading report created at the time of purchase, for the current security as well as future possibilities for selling.

Greater Security through Cleanings and Repairs

It is a very rare event for a jeweler to purposely switch diamonds, but it could occur unintentionally. Diamond certificates function as an added security measure in this case. They are like fingerprints stored in police databases; they also contain all the data needed to coordinate with the person into the fingerprints, and diamond certificates have sufficient information about the diamond to match the diamond together with the certificate as well as the owner.