Why Are Diamonds So Popular Through The Holiday Season?

The holiday season is the perfect setting for exchanging heartfelt, personalized gifts along with your nearest and dearest. All of us share the need to express our gratitude and appreciation during the festivities. Diamond jewelry has consistently turned out to be quite popular gifts, which directly results in a sharp increase in diamond jewelry earnings during this specific season. There are really several reasons for this increase:

First and foremost, there is a really practical reason why there’s such a boost in diamond sales during the holiday season. Thus, most guys would feel that they have sufficient cash to invest on exclusive gifts, such as diamond jewelry. And so, they could actually manage to do so, most men will tend to purchase diamond jewelry for their wives or girlfriends. A research completed back in 2004 suggests that roughly a quarter (!) Of the entire yearly diamond sale is in fact made during the hectic holiday month of December. That truly is an incredible figure. It just goes to show how men respect diamond presents as the ideal way to expresses their love and appreciation for their spouses.

It seems like the holiday season always makes us reflect back to the previous year, on our job, our relationships and our lives in general. Amongst that, are such men who start to consider their relationships with their significant others, which makes them seriously think about suggesting for their girlfriends. However, in contrast to common belief, statistics indicate that the numbers of engagement proposals which exist during the month of December are even greater than those that happen in February. In reality, only 7% of all couples in America actually decide to get married during February? even less than half of those that do so during Christmas. This makes December a month which no other could compete with in terms of union proposals.

People believe that Christmas, a family orientated holiday, is the greatest wedding proposal setting. Seeing as all the family members and friends are already gathered together to celebrate the holidays, men could easily take advantage of Christmas get-togethers as a superb chance to propose to their wives. Because of this, it is no wonder why December is in reality the hottest month concerning couples getting engaged. A study shows that really 19 percent of couples in the usa choose to get engaged during this precise season. The diamond industry will naturally experience a sharp escalation in engagement ring purchases.

The holiday season provides a fantastic increase to diamond earnings across the United States, and it is not so tough to understand why. Men have a tendency to reveal about their relationships shared with their significant others during this joyous and exciting moment. Obviously, this means that union proposals are on the increase, making diamond engagement ring sales coincide. Moreover, for those guys who are married, the Christmas year is regarded as the perfect time to purchase beautiful diamond presents for their wives as a way of showing their profound gratitude and admiration. Therefore, it is no surprise that pearl jewelry is considered to be the most enviable holiday gift.