1451 O St Lincoln, NE 68508
(531) 254-5588
Stepping into Itsumo Ramen is a step into a culinary journey that promises warmth and comfort, especially on a cold day in town. Open even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this inviting ramen restaurant stands as a testament to the authentic, rich flavors of Japanese cuisine. Highly recommended by regulars, Itsumo Ramen offers an expansive menu featuring favorites such as the spicy edamame and shrimp shumai. The Miso Ramen, served with chicken, stands out for its large portions and delightful broth, complemented by affordable and flavor-enhancing extra add-ins. For newcomers, the Tonkotsu Ramen makes an excellent introduction. Prepared with Chashu Pork belly, pickled bamboo shoot, steamed bok choy, soft boiled egg, nori seaweed, scallions, and ramen noodles immersed in a savory pork broth, it guarantees a satiating meal. This combination of authentic ingredients and meticulous preparation results in meals that leave diners both satisfied and looking forward to their next visit.